How to Grow on Social Media When You Hate Social Media

If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you post frequently on social media, but not out of a desire for validation. It's more likely you see social media as a necessary evil, a means to an end to gain distribution for your message.

If so, you're probably fed up with the state of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and the other biggest social media apps. Doesn't it seem like the algorithm is hell-bent on showing you posts you're not interested in, that don't provide any value to your life, that are more focused on making you mad than anything else? I'm sure you're also turned off by the total lack of authenticity you see on a daily basis. You've probably taken quite a few breaks from social media, because it eventually just got to be too much for you.

Unfortunately for you, the truth is, you need social media to succeed in your goal. Despite all the headaches it may bring, social media is still unparalleled as a tool for networking and communication. If you're running a new company, have art to share, or otherwise need to have a voice, you'll be hard-pressed to find another way to gain visibility.

So what do you do? How do you grow on social media, when you hate social media?

Treat it like a job

It took me years to finally realize this, but it's actually very simple: you need to treat posting consistently, like a job.

Nobody really likes going to their job, but over time, you build up a callous and resistance to the discomfort. The only way to build this up is to build a habit of posting consistently. To build this habit up, you need to stop caring about:

  • how many views your posts get
  • the production value of your content
  • how many followers you have

Just show up and say something... Every single day. It doesn't have to be your best work - you just need to show signs of life, so that you continue to get chances to spread your message. Think of it as a test of endurance rather than content creation skill.

You have an obligation

Nobody is going to remind you to post. And in general, nobody is going to invite you to post, either. Nobody cares as much about your message as you do... And that's why you have to be the one to lead the way in spreading it.

Let's face it - the real reason you hate social media is that you don't feel like people like you have a voice online. That's a valid reason, and it's the reason many people quit. But understand, if you stop trying to share your voice, you, and people like you, will be silenced. So you don't really have a choice, except to keep going.

Tobe Osakwe

Tobe Osakwe

I left my job as a SWE at Google to start my own SaaS company. Documenting my journey.