Why I turned my Twitter into a blog mirror

Recently, I made the decision to stop posting regular Tweets/threads, and instead, only links to my blog posts.

Here are my reasons... I think you will relate to them, and maybe do the same:

Because I wanted to start writing again

My blog has effectively been dead for years. While there have been times where I've posted a short burst of articles, the last time I ever wrote consistently, even on a monthly basis, was 2019.

Because blog posts don't have to be long or heavily-edited

A big blocker for me writing articles in the past 4 years has been the mistaken belief that blog posts have to be a certain length, or that I have to painstakingly edit every piece I write. As it turns out, these are excuses just to not write. It also makes no difference whether my article is long or edited - the odds of someone stubmling upon my blog are already quite low, so I don't anything on-page will have a big impact.

Because sometimes people read my blog

Thanks. Let's be friends?

The (Twitter) algorithm promotes the wrong stuff

Too much weight in the algorithm is given to people with the most followers, I rarely see my actual mutuals' posts.

It shows you stuff other people liked, I don't care what other people liked, I only want to hear what their opinions are, that's what I like about TikTok.

Combined with the focus on high engagement, means a ton of focus is given to arguments and other irrelevant content that adds no value to your life.

Lack of authenticity

The most common Twitter growth, "spend a ton of time engaging" -> leads to inauthentic interactions.

I also found myself following people just because they followed me first, or they have a lot of followers in my niche (micro-SaaS/entrepreneurship/software engineering).

Lack of visibility

No one sees your posts or follows back. I don't care about people not following back, but because your visibility is so heavily affected by people following you, it's forced to be a problem where there otherwise wouldn't be one.

My #1 goal on social media is to form connections. Follower count doesn't matter to me, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to defy that rule.

Your content is siloed

Your Tweets are stuck on Twitter. I'm just writing on my blog for now, and will post to Twitter.

The same applies to other platforms, but Twitter has the added problem that your siloed posts, also likely won't be seen. So contrary to popular belief, when you post on Twitter, you're potentially even further into "posting into the void" than you are on a personal blog.

Tobe Osakwe

Tobe Osakwe

I left my job as a SWE at Google to start my own SaaS company. Documenting my journey.