About Me

My name is Tobe Osakwe.

I want to inspire black technologists around the world.

I write about startups, technology,  and productivity. To learn about my ongoing journey towards bootstrapping a company – join my newsletter!

I’m an experienced programmer.

Before starting my own company, I used to work at Google as a software engineer, and wrote my first line of production code in 2014.

Awards: Google Open Source Peer Bonus (2019), and others.

Featured in: Either I have written for, or my work has been referenced in: Gamedev Academy, HackerNoon, CreativeBracket, CodeMissions.

I was born to code.

I wrote my first line of code when I was 7 years old. My father is a software engineer, and I would spend countless hours trying to read his massive collection of programming books. However, the lack of black authors always struck me. Before I had even learned what representation was, I knew that I wanted to become it.

I started freelance programming in my freshman year of high school, and before graduation, had managed to make a couple hundred books off that and selling small programs I had made. By the time I graduated college, I already had launched a SaaS business, and written thousands of lines of code used in production.

People you trust, trust me.

Despite my young age, I got a programming job at Google straight out of college. I was inspired to apply because I saw the cool things they were making, and the future they envisioned, and I decided that I wanted to be a part of that.

People trust my code to run their businesses. For four years, I created and maintained Angel, a full-stack Web application framework that has been used in production, and starred on GitHub over 1000 times. In addition, I have published over 170 packages for the Dart language, and also a couple of JavaScript libraries.

Let’s get in touch.

I envision a world where there is massive representation for black people in the tech world. I hope that the young programmers of tomorrow will no longer have to wonder why they don’t see faces who look like them.  during my career, I want to create opportunities for those who otherwise might not have had them.

Follow me in my journey to build one of the world’s foremost software companies. Along the way, I’ll share all my knowledge, and tips that can help you in your own career.

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