Write more, write shorter

I love to write, but rarely do I actually publish on my blog. I went through a long stretch from the beginning of 2020, to almost the end of 2021, where I didn’t make a single post. Unsurprisingly, it was probably one of the roughest points in my life mentally. I went through a lot, felt a lot, and thought about a lot, but I hesitated to write about it. Why?

Because I thought every blog post had to be long. Extremely often, I’ll get passionate about a topic, and when I finally put all my thoughts in writing, it’s fewer than 1,000 words, or even 500. So I don’t post it. It’s incredibly easy to get intimidated by all the blogs that consistently rank on search engines.

Screw all of that. Screw all the “conventional wisdom” that tells you your content is “low quality” if it’s not 5 pages long, full of images, and on the prettiest website in existence. Screw building backlinks, SEO, and perfectly-engineered articles.

I’m just gonna write.

Here’s the thing about all the rules of blogging that we let prevent us from writing – they’re all about gaming the system to make a profit. Most of the “blogs” you see online aren’t real blogs. Companies pretend to be interested in a topic, regurgitate expert advice, and optimize their sites, all to try to sell somebody something. There’s no point competing with them. I’m just gonna write.

From now, I’m going to write more, and write shorter. I believe my opinions are valuable. Even if nobody reads them, it’s important to me to express myself. So who cares if I only write 200 words? A short article by someone who actually cares is better than an essay by a faceless corporation.

I read Seth Godin’s blog. Seth is super famous, and virtually a god in the world of marketing. His blog posts are short. And that’s exactly why they’re interesting. He gets to the point, and he only talks about what matters. He doesn’t try to make every post reach the first page of Google. And that’s why people actually care about what he has to say. That’s why people are willing to let him email them his thoughts, every single day.

So from now on, look forward to hearing from me way more often. My voice is as unique and valuable as anyone else’s. And from now on, I won’t care if anyone actually reads it.