How Anger Births the Best Business Ideas

You’ve heard it probably millions of times before – if you’re looking for a business idea, start by scratching your own itch. Sure, but how do you actually find an itch worth scratching? Let’s face it – most problems we face in life are just minor annoyances, and not worth solving. Just because something annoys you, doesn’t mean anyone else will hand you money to get rid of it. But you know what does? Anger.

Anger is one of the most powerful human emotions. I’ve seen people do unthinkable things in the name of anger – yelling obscenities, throwing rocks through windows, and even spending money on products. Yes, people are often willing to pay to get rid of something that makes them angry, forever. I am no exception to this rule, and I doubt you are, either.

The next time you get really angry at something, instead of having a meltdown, write it down. It’s likely you became so angry because you are passionate about the subject matter. Now go find a group of people just as angry as you, and sell them your product.