Starting A Blog? Go Stealth Mode

For the first time in years, I’ve actually written articles on my blog for a few consecutive days now. This is actually the third blog post I’ve written today.

But nobody knows, except for you and me.

In the wake of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, the site has become awful as a marketing channel. Good luck building a large-scale personal brand on Twitter, no matter what the gurus tell you. The best possible use for my Twitter (and eventually LinkedIn) from this point on will be to gain exposure for my blog, which over time will start to develop an SEO presence as people link to it and I develop relationships with other writers.

These posts don’t start as articles. It’s just my stream of consciousness, which I eventually edit to sound like it was planned out somewhat. As a personal rule, I publish the article before editing it, because waiting to publish until after I’ve edited is just an excuse to procrastinate further on sharing my ideas with the world. I haven’t edited this post yet, if you can’t tell.

I have tons of thoughts racing through my brain every second of the day. I have massive Apple Notes that no one will ever read. I figured, why not start posting these online? There’s a decent chance that in a few years, frequent blogging will pay off massively for my personal brand.

I’m not going to do any type of promotion of my blog (besides silently linking it in my bio) until I’ve written at least 30 days consecutively. Because, for that to happen, I would have had to been efficient enough with my time, that I was able to both grow my business, and still have time for writing.

See you then. I might update this post with a link to my announcement, if it ever happens.